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Welcome to The first network hub that lets members and famous, inspirational icons connect. We believe that “anyone can” and with a huge library of motivational content from many creative and professional fields, many will. Here you can connect to other, likeminded success-seekers from the sports, business, fashion, and self-help realms.


My Come Up is motivation. It’s inspiration. It’s the fuel you will need to everyday to make your mark in this world. Find others just like you. People who feel that shift in consciousness in our world, and no longer need to hustle on the street or storefronts. People who know that our world is limitless. That’s who we created for – the new hustlers and lords of our day.


We could all feel the paradigm shift of consciousness in our world. Self-made hustlers were not just taking over the streets, they were running multi-million dollar businesses, starting new trends in fashion, and conquering the sports arenas. What did these greats have in common? They were doing their own kind of hustle, driven to succeed and accomplishing dreams bigger than anyone could imagine. But we saw a void in social media for people who wanted to connect to the real movers and shakers in the world. So we gathered up the most inspiring, big-time dreamers we could find and put them out there. It didn’t take long for MyComeUp to grow. We were on to something and wanted to find others like us, like the most successful icons in the world, and find a better, real way to connect them. That’s when we created this social network hub – The place where anyone can, and everyone does.


A place to connect and share your story, your brand, your vision.
A place to find inspiration, from worldwide icons that have already achieved the impossible. A new kind of social media hub, for a new kind of world.
If you have the drive, the work ethic, the vision – we want you. Here you’ll find others who started from the bottom but are now at the top. From billionaire visionaries, to business owners, to people who have pushed, shoved and clawed their way up to the top. Learn from their experiences, their struggles and find inspiration in their stories and advice.


Share and document your own personal progress and connect with others who inspire you. Our accounts are designed to let you truly share your story. We have stripped the social media hierarchy and bias profile structure like other social media hubs, and built something new. Here, every profile gets to connect.

Whether you are new to the hustle, or have a burning passion to share your story, our accounts offer something for everyone. And, no matter what account you choose, you get to access to everyone, and to all the inspirational material we offer. This is a place that supports you, inspires you and gives you access. With the accounts, anyone can.


“Our content sparks the motivation to push yourself a little more, encourages the ethos of taking that step in the right direction. Our culture is driven by insecurities. We work heavily on promoting the other options that are out there, business, creative and personally.”Leonard SekyondaCo-Founder Of

We believe anyone can. MyComeUp is place where anyone can come to share their stories, their business brand, and connect to others. It is a place for anyone to find daily inspiration, through dynamic, compelling content and top-notch storytelling. Our worldwide Gurus have achieved the impossible and are at the top of their fields. It is here, on MyComeUp that these visionaries can share their work, their lives and the truth behind their successes with like-minded, socially conscious members.

MyComeUp is where anyone can come to be inspired by those top business owners, billionaire visionaries, and social leaders in our society. These are the greats that have pushed, shoved and moved their way up to the top of their fields and now want to share their personal experiences, struggles, success and failures to people who need to be inspired. That’s why we started MyComeUp – we saw the need for our generation, and the next to be truly inspired.

Current social media outlets falsely highlight either the negative or the positive. Our goal is to capture the true, behind-the-scenes moments, and stories of the greats in our society. We are capturing a new audience and generation of thinkers and doers at MyComeUp. Our social media hub will be the top, go-to source for anyone who wants to connect, be inspired or lead a social movement. For those at the top, or those at the bottom, we believe anyone can at MyComeUp and want to create a safe, inspirational space where people can access this daily motivation for their lives.

Our Role as Social Responsible Enterprise

“People come to us for inspirational content. Not negative headlines. We aren’t going to compromise to get hits. We respect the intellect of our audience.” Leonard SekyondaCo-Founder Of

We believe that people have the power to change their lives. At MyComeUp we strive to communicate the message that “AnyOne Can”. We believe anyone can because our Gurus have. This is at the heart of our company – the connection of people starting out, to people who have been there and have achieved dreams bigger than reality.

At MyComeUp, we understand the loneliness and isolation that many in our generation feel. Obesity is a serious trend that is on the rise. People turn to online media, and quickly become disillusioned and disappointed at what is out there. MyComeUp is a source of true inspiration. For the kid who is struggling to get through high school and contemplating selling drugs to survive, to the single mom trying to get into the best shape of her life, MyComeUp will be a lifeline of support, a source of the best inspirational material and a place to connect to likeminded go-getters and dreamers like them.

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